Organic Hojicha


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Hojicha brews a brownish liquid, but it is still a green tea.   Hojicha is produced by roasting Bancha over high heat.   The result is a savory tea with a refreshing, roasted taste and virtually no bitterness.   It contains the lowest level of caffeine and has a natural sweetness (from lightly roasting) of any Japanese Green Tea.

In Japan, Hojicha is served to the children. It is an excellent choice for first time green tea drinker who is a coffee drinker.   it is also a good late night tea with the healthy benefits of green tea.

Flavor: roasty flavor, robost, creamy, sweet.

Directions: water 8 oz @ 212ºF / leaves: 1 teaspoon / steeping: 30 sec. to 1 min

hint: Use boiling water to extract a nice robust aroma.

GREAT For Iced Tea: Put double the amount of tea leaves into a teapot. Steep with boiling water (3 min). (a touch of sweetener can be added). Add Ice & Chill, top off with cold water & serve.

Caffeine: 10 mg / 8 oz cup.

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