Raspberry Green


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A blend of fresh, crisp green tea from china with sweetly tart red raspberry flavor.

Very candy-like aroma, delicately tangy and jammy raspberry flavor. Clean finish and rounded texture. This fun, juicy cup is tangy without getting too ‘cheeky.’

The genus Raspberry consists of over 200 distinct species, however, only two of these are presently cultivated. The first mention of raspberry comes from the people of Troy (Helen perhaps?), located in modern-day Turkey. Its original name was ‘ida,’ a reference to the mountain on which it was first spotted.

The medicinal properties believed to cluster in its leaves was of more interest to its early users than the sweet, red fruit.

Today, you can find red raspberries, as well as black, purple and golden.

green tea, natural raspberry flavor, raspberry leaves, raspberries and rose petals.

Use 1 Tablespoon per 16 to 24oz pot.
Use Hot (180º – 190ºF.) water.
Steep for 3 to 5 Minutes.

Caffeine: 20 mg / 8 oz cup.

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