Wild Tree Puer Mini Tuo Cha


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Wild Tree Puer Mini Tuo Cha
Known as “Xiao Tuo Cha” in Chinese, our Wild Tree Mini Tuo Cha is made with a select grade of Puer which is hand harvested from the ancient, wild trees of Jingmai Mangjing.

This Mini Tuo Cha makes a surprisingly rich and sweetly flavored infusion with a big body and smooth finish. Like most Puers, a Wild Tree Mini Tuo Cha can be steeped many times.

Each Mini Tuo Cha weighs about 4.5g (1/6 oz), and is individually wrapped.

USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified.

Unwrap the mini tuo cha before use!
Use 1 Mini Tuo Cha per 8 to 12 oz cup.
Use Boiling (212ºF.) water.
Steep for 5 to 10 minutes.
Can be re-steeped multiple times – some say up to 10 – we say 6 to 8 is normal, you can get 10 if you like weak tea. Caffeine: 40 mg / 8 oz cup.

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