Yame Kyushu Gyokuro


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Yame Kyushu Gyokuro is produced by shading the tea bushes for about three weeks prior to picking. As a result, these leaves receive more nutrition from the soil.

This shading process also protects the bushes from sunlight which increases the chlorophyll content of the tea leaves and prevents theanine, a factor of sweetness, from being changed to tannin, a factor of bitterness.

Yama Kyushu Gyokuro has a rich green color and a sweet taste.

Flavor: The harmony of slight astringency and natural sweetness turns to full-body in your mouth.

Use 1 to 2 teaspoons per 8oz cup.
Use Warm (160º – 180ºF.) water.
Steep for 2 mins.

hint: Shorten your brew time and/or lower your water temp to produce a thicker, fuller and sweeter cup. Use a slightly higher temp to add more astringency and aroma.

Excellent for Cold-Brew Iced Tea… you can keep the tea leaf in cold water for up to 24 hours (max)

Caffeine: 20 mg / 8 oz cup.

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